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The Winter Trilogy

     Aurora was the first book I published back in 2009. It proved popular among friends and family and a few asked for a sequel. I had never planned for one but I attempted it and called it Rogue. The plot and writing fell short of what I wanted. It was around this time that Marvel was attempting a cinematic connected universe. I had always loved the idea of connecting the dots of various lives in a larger universe and decided that was what I really wanted to do with my books.

     After I graduated high school in 2010, I began writing the basis for what would become the Arcane Universe. Unfortunately, if I were to keep Aurora and Rogue in the timeline, I'd be forced to work around them to avoid conflicting plot points. So I opted to reboot the books under new names. This way I could keep the original plot in tact but I was free to rewrite the entire book the way I wanted for the creative universe I had started.

     In 2016, I started the path toward launching my writing through the Dawn of the Arcane Universe blogs on Facebook. Semi-Monthly posts through social media and an archive on this site will allow me to keep in touch with potential readers for both feedback and advertising while also keeping me on track and accountable.

     While Aurora and Rogue are no longer part of the official cannon, they still exist in part of an alternate reality "canon" called the Spyglass Series as well as a big part of how I got my start. In honor of my first published book, Aurora will become Heart of Winter and have the honor of launching my shared universe.

Email any questions to [email protected].

Heart of Winter

     Greg Winter is living as normal of a life as possible in New York during the height of World War III. Like any teenage boy he goes to school, hangs out at the mall, and tries to manage the stress that comes with living in the year 2323. 

    His father is fighting for America in a struggle for resources while Greg stays home with his mother, but when disaster strikes, all of that is turned inside-out. A nuclear bombing across the East Coast of the United States forces the Winter family to flee into a strangers shelter where Greg meets Katie. After becoming close to her over their stay, he is soon torn away and put into a life he didn't even know existed.

     A new world opens up as the secret Aurora organization brings light to a darker side of the world hidden from civilian eyes. Journey alongside Greg Winter during an adventure that lets him see things from a new perspective and lets him fight for the ones who truly matter. This science-fiction, romance novel by Jeremy Smelser is action-packed and tied closely with the emotional pains of war.

Original Release: 2009 (titled Aurora)

Reboot Release: 2016

Original 2009 cover art (above) before the Arcane Universe was created

Mind of Winter

Soul of Winter

This novel will start approximately a year after the events of the first book. Look here for more information as the release gets closer.

This will be the final book in the trilogy. It will also launch the Spyglass Series of alternate timelines. Look here for more information as the release gets closer.


Spyglass Series

   The Spyglass Series will be an opportunity to ask "What If?". In the final book of the Winter Trilogy, an ancient device called the Spyglass will be rediscovered which allows the user to peak into the very fabric of time and space. While Greg and others use it for a specific purpose, the device proves to be extremely complex. Within it, the user can view any possible outcome of any moment in time.

   The Spyglass Series will allow for me to write short stories and novels that don't fit within the shared Arcane Universe. Anything from a world where we never discovered electricity to a worldwide zombie outbreak, readers will be able to peek at other stories in other timelines. There may even be opportunities for alternate history stories on other worlds. While not a major focus, it will be there as a fun project I can use to free up ideas and have fun with my characters.


Original 2010 cover art (above) before the Arcane Universe was created

Alternate Reality

     Greg Winters has been through a lot in the past year. Ever since the bombs rained down across the East Coast of America, he's had to deal with more in a few months than most people even think about their entire lifetime. From being forcibly recruited into a group of people with unique abilities calling themselves Aurora to a fight to the death against his own father to protect the one person who truly meant something to him.

     Finally free thanks to the help of some unlikely friends, that's all in the past. Now, Greg lives in Alaska with his mother and the Landon family in an effort to make the most of his senior year. But what if those who he once aligned with are unable to agree on how to proceed? In one long day and night, Greg is pulled back into the conflict. With the factions breaking apart, how high will the cost be? More importantly, what was always destined to happen?

Out of Print

(Part of the Spyglass Series. Currently not in print. Email [email protected] for more information.)


Future of the Universe

     This trilogy is only one piece of a massive universe with multiple worlds, time periods, and stories to tell. While Soul of Winter will end the story of Greg Winters' journey through the 24th century, it isn't the end. Adam Goodyear is an immortal who appears in timelines for almost 400 years up to this point and will appear as a side character in the upcoming Redemption Saga.

     A future prequel and sequel series are planned for an unknown date (info below). The first bringing about the discovery of the Aurora formula and how Adam started the organization during the 21st century. The second will take place a few years after the Winter Trilogy ends with sides chosen at the end of the trilogy in a global war with both humans and supernatural beings at critical points.

      Every book in the Winter Trilogy tells a small sliver of Adam's past, so I wanted there to be plenty of these tiny bits revealed before writing the entire origin story. Over time, I hope that everything I write will only build upon each other into an amazing and interesting universe. I'm glad to have all of you along for the ride and look forward to ending one adventure and starting another with the Winter Trilogy along with its connected series and the Redemption Saga over the next few years.

Founder Trilogy

In the 21st century, an Aurora appeared across the skies. Those with magic in their DNA were able to see it, changing many lives forever. Within it was the locked power Adam Goodyear eventually controlled. Lives, once separate and seemingly unrelated, must unite in an evolving world. But every story has its beginning.

Book 1 - Adam Goodyear wasn't any different than the other kids. He hung out with friends, argued with his parents, and dreamed of great things he hoped for in his future. Then the aurora appeared. Adam and a few of his friends discovered hidden talents and a hidden past that connected them all.

On the other side of the country was Max. Dealing with the struggles of the college life and having few friends, he was quickly running out of reasons to push on. A relationship was non-existent and the girl he loved was also his best friend who had fallen for another guy.

As the two travel down separate paths however, they reach the same end. Valhalla.

Book 2 - Valhalla, the world's secret answer to humanities problems. They have recruited the best and brightest to help find answers to everything we're struggling against. Adam, a young teen determined to find a cure for his unique condition, and Max, a new agent for the Phantom program under the name of Bryan, have united in Valhalla's darkest moments. What starts out as a beacon of hope becomes a desperate struggle for control...but it may lead into the most powerful organization the world has ever seen. Max calls it a lost cause. Adam calls it Cerberus.

Book 3 - Adam, Max, and their allies must find their way together with all the knowledge they have about what's truly going on in the world. While most people can ignore the darkest threats on our planet, some aren't so lucky. Their only hope is to find other lost souls in an effort to build up a team strong enough to take those threats on. After chasing stories of strange occurrences and the constant run-ins with reporter Roger North looking for the truth, a new world begins to open up. In the final novel, Cerberus begins to recruit to form the base of a soon-to-be major organization.

    This trilogy will be a prequel trilogy that tells the origin of both Adam Goodyear and his Cerberus team before it was disbanded and reformed into the Aurora organization. The series will also introduce Max who influences Adam's views on the bigger picture, Roger who helps Adam see past the curtain, and various others who form the ideas for Aurora Squad. The trilogy will be written in a third person perspective instead of the first person that most of the Arcane Universe is written in.

The Cerberus Initiative

By the Winter Trilogy, Aurora is a major organization. It wasn't always that way. Adam founded it with himself and two ex-agents of the secret Valhalla organization. Seeking allies against the newly discovered Purifier threat Aurora is dedicated against by the Winter Trilogy, Adam travels the world by chasing stories of miracles and disasters alike with characters Roger (aka Radar), Max (aka Phantom X), and  Alondra (aka Sombra) from the Founder Trilogy.

With a keen knack for finding the weird, Aurora begins seeking out their team. Learn more about the original Cerberus team with members like childhood friend Jenn Rose aka Dart, wealthy businessman Damon Nobel aka Merlin, crime boss Fulton Underwood aka Brick, and ex-Omnitech Cyberline engineer Cameron Levy aka Mecha.

These will be written in short stories and novellas or within one large novel. 

Sanctuary Trilogy

WWIII is over, but the true war has only just begun. Those who survived the final battle of the war have new problems in a whole new kind of world. Everyone knows that the supernatural aren't as fictional as we once believed, now fighting side-by-side with those who once filled the pages of fantasy novels. Only one organization matters now...Sanctuary.

Book 1 - Briana Santos, a young teenage girl born at the heart of Mexico City, has been through a lot. After leaving a country that had fallen years ago, she ended up in the United States. Soon the planet itself fell into war. Nuclear bombs rained down on the country. Thousands of lives were lost and everything changed. Loosing her parents, Briana found herself alone in the war-torn wasteland under the mysterious protection of Aurora. Now, with the war over, she learned to survive among the dense forests of what was once New York. In the distance, the last hope stands. We call it Sanctuary.

Book 2 - Zero Squad, the supernatural section of Sanctuary, is thinning. A group called the Purifiers have adapted to Sanctuary's advantages. Joining with Victor Squad, Briana's unit among her new family, Zero Squad leader Greg Winters and Victor leader Ava Garcia must find a way to turn the tides back in their favor. To do that, they return to a city that once housed all of Earth's supernatural. They called it Vyrel.

Book 3 - The Purifiers are winning. Battle by battle, Sanctuary gets a little quieter. While Zero Squad searches for answers in Vyrel, Victor Squad is tasked with holding onto whatever they have left to buy enough time for a solution. The fate of Earth's future hangs in these final battles and it may take the combined knowledge of the worlds organizations and any secrets discovered in Vyrel to put a stop to the Hunters.

    This series follows the events that end the Winter Trilogy but will be able to stand on its own as its own trilogy. Readers can finally see the projects Adam Goodyear had been working on when Greg first joined. Throughout the trilogy, connections to many of my other novels will be made in Earth's last stand. Briana Santos will also be the first female as well as the first non-Caucasian to be the main character of one of my books. After the events in Mexico during the Founder Trilogy and then again in the Winter Trilogy, it seemed the perfect place to shed more light on and bring a character from.

War Stories

"Everyone has a story behind them. All it takes is the willingness to listen." 

- Alice Manson, Heart of WInter

   Adam Goodyear brought together some of history's most powerful people together and they made an impact on the world that changed everyone's lives forever. But Adam had to start somewhere. While many of these special people are revealed through the novels, much of their histories are shrouded in mystery. Over time, I'd like to tell these stories and more in many different forms. While some may become full novels of their own, I may also try to tell many through short stories released for free in between full novels that help flesh out the universe and its players. These stories aren't limited to the Winter Trilogy as I'll have plenty of characters with their own lives before and after they appear in large novels or ones who never even appear in a major series. If you have a character you'd like more on, please send an email to [email protected] and you may see it coming soon.