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Redemption Saga

Ever since my first attempt with writing, love for others has been a driving force of characters. It brings realism to the story. Every day, our choices most of us make are based at least partly on how we think others will view it. When attraction gets into the mix, it can make us do almost anything. I felt this is a weakness all humans possess so this saga brings in a demon as the main character. Demons don't feel sorrow, sadness, and love in the same way. When you take a character like that and build him up, I feel it can bring a unique story. This series will look at human issues of romance, sexuality, racial equality, gender roles and war into a fantasy world to take a look at our own world from a different perspective.

     Devon Malki is really Destery Malthus, son of Demon Lord Armen Malthus. He's sent on a mission to infiltrate the human-dominant kingdom of Stelmere and help bring down the king and his lands from the inside. Posing as a Vigil guardian in training, Devon begins his hunt for redemption of demon-kind. When he meets the human kings daughter, Kami Avidon, Devon begins to see another side of the conflict through the eyes of a single girl who believes in a truly equal nation even among the racism and hatred that flows around the kingdom. The Redemption Saga is a series of six books of romance in a hopeless situation, a journey of discovery across a divided world, and the chance at redemption when everyone believes it's too late.

Book 1: Redemption
(Title Subject to Change)

"All I've known is how to destroy the human species that infected this world. I was taught of their hate and intolerance toward anything different than themselves, including each other. There wasn't a single bit of me that had any mercy or compassion for this kind of darkness. But now...I don't think I know what humans are."

     Five years after Emergence Day, the start of the Demonic War, the future heir to demon leadership is sent to infiltrate the human capital of Tymore. The plan is simple. Get in, join among the humans elite, and get close enough to their leader to assassinate him and bring instability to the kingdom. But what if not all humans are the same? After meeting the future heir to the human crown, Destery Malthus discovers that not every human is how he expected. When the time comes to complete his mission, what will be the best course of action and can he abandon his entire kind and every moral he ever learned because of a single human?

Book 2

This will be the first book that enters the larger world of Tymore as the characters who survive Redemption begin a journey to the four nations, traveling first to the Earth Nation. It will have a large focus on the human religion with their worship of the Six as well as discussing topics such as death, faith, religion and the Underworld the demons come from. More information coming soon.

Book 3

This book will have a focus on the other races, mainly those who live in the Water Nation where the story will take place. It will touch on racism, sexism, and homosexuality as well as the history behind how all these races got to where they are. More information coming soon.

Book 4

Book four will take place in the Air Nation, a nomadic society that was hit hard during Emergence Day. This novel will also go deeper into life after the fall of Vyrel, the formation of the nations and kingdom under Stelmere's leadership, and ideas such as family bonds and modern versus traditional ways of living. More information coming soon.

Book 5

The Fire Nation is the final destination to complete the training and is a land that has become a major battlefield against the demon armies. Devon will finally be able to train under a master and personal struggles will be at an all-time high. The story will also look at subjects such as loss, the morals of war, and loyalty. More information coming soon.

Book 6: Sunrise
(Title Subject to Change)

This is the final book in the saga. It will have a major focus on the Lost City in Mt. Aurora, the capital of the previous civilization, where true peace and equality among the races and elements was said to have existed as well as where Adam Goodyear learned the secret to the Aurora formula referenced to in the Winter Trilogy. The story will also look at the greater world of my Arcane Universe and help build up the lore and deep history it has by connecting threads and opening up more possiblities. Ideas from the previous novels will come into play as the characters reach the epic conclusion. More information coming soon.


Future of the Series

The world of Tymore holds many secrets. While the story of the Demonic War will be contained within the Redemption Saga beyond possible short stories, many new discoveries will be made and the world will live on in possible future stories. While I can't talk about much now, expect exciting new tales to be told.

The Divine Trilogy

     When time began, the variety of lifeforms were few. Two such forms were those of the powerful demons and the angels sent to oppose them. Their conflict became known throughout history as the Morning War. Over time however, their stories got mixed with those of legends and lies until the truth was almost lost forever. Finally, we have that truth.

     The Divine Trilogy will focus on the Morning War and will contain a lot of important events that have an impact on all the worlds for generations to come. Some such events are the creation of the Vampires as demonic servants, the fall of the angel Lucifer and his ascension to becoming an Arch Demon, the formation of the Purifiers, and the secrets of the original city of Vyrel when it served as a home base for the angelic armies.

     History is always written by the victors, but were the angels as perfect as their legends say? In this future planned Trilogy, read the truth that sparked the legends and uncover what really happened in Tymore so long ago...

The Explorers

Limited information will be given at this time as this takes place after the Redemption Saga. As with everything you read here, some spoilers may be possible.

After the events of the Redemption Saga, the people of Tymore began seeing the world and their history books in a different way. This series will focus on a new group of explorers sent to uncover the truth behind Tymore and the ancient species who influenced it. Meet many new faces and a few old ones in this future planned series.