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This page is subject to change at any moment in any way as all the books here are little more than ideas that may never become anything. However, these stories are pulled from major events in the official timeline of the Arcane Universe so I welcome feedback if anything strikes interest. All information on this page and the entire website are protected and owned by Jeremy Smelser.

The Summoners Code

     When the worlds were created across the universe, the ancients needed physical forms to help guide magic and the species that rely on it. The answer to this was the Summoners. These four beings of pure power each watched over and controlled one of the four elements and could freely travel between the worlds. But when three of the four wanted to change the rules, conflict broke out between the forces, creating a rift between the worlds. One of the Summoners vanished, changing the Summoners Code. The remaining three became mortal and eventually passed away, taking the knowledge of their mistakes with them.

     Years later, under the streets of Victorian Era England, the three descendants must learn of their ancestors mistakes. They must find a way to free the lost Summoner from the rift and seal the breaks between the worlds that have caused chaos across time. Although the surface world was relatively peaceful, the world beneath the world was in constant war between the Vyrelian races.

     In the Summoners Code, beings of all factions and powers must ban together to use the advance power of a hybrid system of technology and magic to help them access the world before their time and search for a way to undo what has been done before the mythical species are wiped out the same way they once were during the age of the knights.

This story will be connected to my other books in a variety of ways. In the Redemption Saga, readers are told of a great civilization that was sealed away from the world. Those who remained within the city vanished forever...or did they? Centuries later, Greg Winters is searching for answers and a way to stop Aurora from gaining complete control. Stories from Adam Goodyear tell of a mysterious city underneath England with magical technology that allows the user to travel through time. In The Summoners Code, you will finally be able to learn more about these mysteries and more as well as an opportunity to show thousands of years of time in a single story.

Izrah: Savior of Vyrel

     In ancient history, Vyrel was a civil safe-haven for all non-humans that had escaped the darkened world of Tymore. But when the balance of magic tipped after the disappearance of one of the ancient summoners, war broke out and engulfed the entire city. Hidden underneath the human dominant land of England, the planet has become two separate worlds: the one on top always looking for discoveries and the one below in constant war. As the current Summoners search to balance the scales again, nothing is there to end the chaos and bring peace to Vyrel...until now.

When I decided to expand my novels into a larger universe, I created the Vyrelians (collective name for the non-human, intelligent species). I felt after multiple books, they deserved the spotlight as well as the Darkworlders, those who have turned to darkness and control. This book won't have any humans and may also be my first book written in 3rd person with a view of the many different species.


     Humanity has always reached for the stars. After the discovery of supernatural species living among us in the aftermath of our planets 3rd World War, people started to think differently. A single space craft was sent out with a crew of volunteers to search for other intelligent life in the galaxy. They were never heard from again. Some say they never found anything and eventually died of old age or illness that cryo-sleep only slowed down. Others say that found someone and lived among them. I think it happened a bit differently. I think somebody found them. No matter what happened, somebody or something found us at least. I'd like to tell you my story. This may be my last opportunity to tell anyone.

 When I first focused on sci-fi for a genre back with the Winter Trilogy, I stuck with the futuristic end of the world. It got expanded into magic and eventually lost a lot of the sci-fi parts as it was changed and edited. I wanted to have a truly sci-fi novel or series and thought about space travel. This book would be alternate chapters between the days before the launch of an explorer shuttle with a time years later after Earth has been invaded by aliens.