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Writeous Works

Where amazing stories are the law!

The books on this page will be part of the Arcane Universe all our books take place in. However, these novels won't be fantasy like the Redemption Saga or science-fiction like The Winter Trilogy. While there may be a simple story within the War Stories, these ones will be more personal novels that may never even mention major players like Adam Goodyear and simply allow for the universe to grow with stories we can all relate to. I hope you will enjoy these when they are released!


Different Summers

   Jacob and Madison have been friends since they were kids. Growing up at the same schools and living down the street from each other, there wasn't a single person that knew the other better than they did. But life has a way of moving on without us. When Madi meets a guy and starts dating, Jacob regrets not confessing his feelings to her earlier in fear of losing his best friend. In the summer before college, the two had plans for one last big trip together. But after she starts dating, those plans were canceled and Jacob finds himself traveling alone. Will he find something out there worth moving on for or will these best friends experience very different summers?

Around the Corner

   After computer-genius Raquel is forced to leave her hometown and major opportunity in the big city behind due to the death of her mother, she moves in with her father in a small town to find ways to make ends meet. Feeling alone, Raquel has to find new connections without her friends or the places she loved. When she meets a boy who's lived in the town his whole life, she finds in him something she can connect to and begins to learn that the best things in our lives may be just around the corner from us.

What I Couldn't Say

   Diana has been the only girl that Liam ever wanted to be with. The only problem is the two have become close friends and he has a feeling she doesn't feel the same about him. But when she's in an accident, all he can think about is everything he couldn't say at the time and regrets it all. Everything changes when Diana finally wakes up with no memory of him or anyone else. With nothing to lose, can Liam gain her affection again and finally ask her out or will history repeat itself? May he even lose her completely?

Chapters of Goodbye

   Kevin's been used to moving. His father's in the United States Army and his mother is the CEO of an international company. That means that his family moves where they're needed, taking Kevin along for the ride. That also means there is never a chance to settle down and make close friends or get a girlfriend. Being rejected by every girl he tries to start something with doesn't help. Instead, Kevin ends up turning to his books with stories of great adventures, loyal friendships and undying love. These stories become his life because reality feels like it's simply a book with chapters of goodbyes.

* All novels on this page currently have no relase date, but will hopefully be part of my creative universe in the future