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Dawn of the Arcane Universe Blogs

March/April 2016 - An Ancient Threat...

When time began, only a few select races were brought into the world. The dominate species were the demons of Tymore. Soon after they were born, they began to conquer. In response, a competing race called angels were sent to oppose them by an unknown power. These two races fought a war that lasted nearly 500,000.

While the majority of the population waged an unending war, a select few joined together and stayed away from the conflict. Some become more than allies and from their bond came a cross-breed species that was half demon and half angel...the nephalem. These nephalem were nearly identical to the humans except for their magical potential and advanced brain functioning.

The existence of these nephalem were discovered and reported back. The betrayal of having offspring with the enemy deeply offended select members of both sides who deemed themselves "Purists". One of the Purist angels, Lucifer, decided to take matters in his own hands when the other angels vowed to protect any living species no matter where they came from. He turned on his own and joined a group of demons who were hunting the nephalem down. An uneasy alliance formed and the demons came to respect Lucifers abilities.

Soon, this group began calling themselves the Purifiers and became extremely efficient at killing the nephalem children. In an effort to save them, the angels opened up their portal (The Gate) to other worlds and sent all of them to Earth to blend in with the humans. By the time the Purifiers could act, it was too late. In response, Lucifer led his demon army through their portal (The Core) and chased the nephalem to Earth. The angels managed to break the demon line and shut down their portal, but Lucifer and a large portion of his army were already through.

On Earth, the nephalem proved difficult to find as they blended in and the Purifiers were pursed by angels. In a last ditch effort to protect the nephalem and humans, magic was sealed on Earth so that all future generations of humans and nephalem would appear one in the same. With too many to go through, the Purifiers went into hiding.

As the generations went on, human society expanded and nephalem/human babies were born into the world. The primitive humans evolved and the rest is history. Today, the Purifiers work in the shadows of every corner from governments to companies and any other position of power they could find. They're out there, waiting for the time to strike...

February 2016 - Transforming Aurora...

Aurora was originally a stand alone romance story about a boy named Greg Winters who fell in love with a girl after the nuclear bombing of the Eastern United States during World War III. He was pulled away and drawn into the hidden world of everything from people with powers to vampires living underneath England.

The book was well received by friends and family and I was asked about a sequel. I tried to deliver but I hadn't set it up for one and it showed. Fast forward to today and I was in the early stages of a brand new book series when I started thinking about Aurora. What is I could find a way to bring everything I write into a shared universe?

I began going back through my old Aurora drafts and reworking the plot to not only work within a larger universe, but allow for expansion into a trilogy. Certain plot points were expanded, others were removed, and some were changed so that they had more depth. Rereading over Aurora, I took out entire sections I didn't feel fit or felt too sudden (the vampires are almost completely removed beyond a subtle hint) and will be brought up in a later book it fits better while I added new sections (an entire chapter near the beginning is added to bring closure to Greg's pre-Aurora life and the end of the book focuses on Aurora's history and introducing both the reader and Greg to the larger universe).

While some changes were large, others were minor (such as Greg's last name went from Winters to Winter) and the title was changed from Aurora to Heart of Winter. Aurora, and its sequel Rogue, will technically remain cannon as well however. How? Well after I've established the universe better, I'll have the freedom to introduce "What If" short stories and novels which will be alternate reality plots. This will give me the freedom to write stories that may not work within my current shared universe.

I'm very excited to be able to bring this new version of Greg's story into a much larger universe. Easter Eggs and crossovers have always been fun for me and I hope those opportunities will be fun for you too!

January 2016 - Where it began...

Almost 10 years ago I made this site and started the process toward self-publication of what became my first book called Aurora. It was just an idea but family and friends enjoyed it and a few asked about more books. I hadn't planned on another but gave it a try and went with a sequel called Rogue which in the end felt short of the goal. There was no plan and the world felt shallow.

I began thinking up ideas for world building. Branching out from Aurora, I worked on the background for the characters more. One of them, Adam Goodyear, was immortal and that meant a lot of background. As I went farther and farther back, I eventually got to his origin story which I tied into another "story" I wrote when I was little.

You see, no matter how complex or crazy the Arcane Universe gets as I develop it, I want it to be me at the heart of it all. Characters I can relate to with plots as silly as my mind was when I was 8 years old up through the weird ideas I get while in the shower to all my future plans I haven't thought of yet. This is a universe I want to make mine through all my influences of what I love.

The Arcane Universe take place in a universe consisting of multiple galaxies that each contain their own systems of planets. Earth, while still there, isn't exactly the one we all know and love. As readers get deeper into the fiction, they'll see sometimes small and sometimes large historical changes. This isn't a universe bound by history and fact. It's a universe of magic, monsters, heroes, and heartache. From the dawn of time where the mysterious creators formed everything and spawned the first intelligent life forms to the far future where worlds have collided and sometimes died while other advance into a new era, the Arcane Universe will be a place where anything can happen.

I hope you'll enjoy my books as the years progress. But what matters to me is having fun along the way and finding those that have fun too.

See you next month!