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Welcome to the Writeous Works official site. We are a company dedicated to the joy of writing, no matter what it is, and anybody is welcome to join us with your own writing. Email us at writeousworks@gmail.com and follow us @writeousworks on twitter at the bottom of this page. We have only been able to grow and improve because of your support, so thank you!

List of titles so far:
* Winter Trilogy
- Aurora
- Rogue

Future Releases:
*Winter Trilogy (Re-releases in 2014)
- Factions
* Redemption Saga (Temporary Titles)
- Redemption
*Founders Trilogy (Temporary Titles)
- Empire
- Goodbye
- Flashbulb
* Sanctuary Trilogy (Temporary Titles)
- Revolution
- Untitled 1
- Untitled 2
* Different Summers
* Around the Corner
* What I Couldn't Say
* Chapters of Goodbye

*War Stories
- Range from short stories to novels
released over time


I want to thank a few of the people who have been involved with my writing so far:
* Michael Fiock for editing original version of Aurora and Rogue
* Karen Hart for editing original version of Rogue
* Layton Hart for reviewing the first half of Aurora drafts

* Brenda Salinas for assistance in advertising advice

* Edna Salinas for reviewing the beginning of Aurora drafts 

* David Smelser for his generous donations
* Jody Waters for reviewing the first half of Aurora drafts
* Lulu publishing for printing my books

The Donate link below should be linked directly to Jeremy Smelser at jms_shiloh@cox.net and sent to Writeous Works.
Please report immediately if anything else appears instead.