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Welcome to the Writeous Works official site. We are a company dedicated to the joy of writing, no matter what it is, and anybody is welcome to join us with your own writing. Email us at writeousworks@gmail.com and follow us @writeousworks on twitter at the bottom of this page. We have only been able to grow and improve because of your support, so thank you!

List of released titles so far:
Winter Trilogy
- Aurora

Future Releases:
Winter Trilogy (Reboot in 2015)
- Aurora
- Reborn
- Factions
Redemption Saga (Temporary Titles)
- Redemption
Founders Trilogy (Temporary Titles)
- Origins
- Download
Sanctuary Trilogy (Temporary Titles)
- Revolution
- Untitled 1
- Untitled 2
Divine Trilogy
- Untitled 1
- Untitled 2
- Untitled 3
The Explorers Saga
- Amount of titles undetermined
Different Summers
Around the Corner
What I Couldn't Say
Chapters of Goodbye

War Stories
- Range from short stories to novels
released over time

Discontinued / Non-Canon
- Rogue


I want to thank a few of the people who have been involved with my writing so far:
* Michael Fiock for editing original version of Aurora and Rogue
* Karen Hart for editing original version of Rogue
* Layton Hart for reviewing the first half of Aurora drafts

* Brenda Salinas for assistance in advertising advice

* Edna Salinas for reviewing the beginning of Aurora drafts 

* David Smelser for his generous donations
* Jody Waters for reviewing the first half of Aurora drafts
* Lulu publishing for printing my books

If you have any questions or comments, email at writeousworks@gmail.com or use the message pad on the right hand side of this page to send a message that will be checked and replied to ASAP. You will not be added to any mailing list and we do not sell any information to anybody whatsoever!

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